Zero Gravity Information


Our zero gravity adjustable bed (Infinity Elite) is not only comfortable to sleep on; it is beautifully designed and crafted. The frame is powder coated for one of the most durable and finely finished bed frames on the market. The bed frames offer removable legs that do not require the use of tools to assemble. Our beds without the legs attached are able to function on the floor or in a sleigh bed frame on slats. The fit and finish of our bed looks just like an ordinary bed frame or box spring, making it your own secret that it is an adjustable unit.

The zero gravity adjustable base (Infinity Elite) has several advances over other models. Some of the most notable features are the wall-tight lift motion, the independent head and foot lift, and the built in massage features. You may be asking what makes this adjustable base so unique, and the answer is simple. The zero gravity adjustable bed can operate without legs, meaning that you can install the zero gravity bed into a slatted or platform bed frame without worry. The Zero-Gravity feature is a simple one-button adjustment to raise both the head and legs simultaneously to a neutral body position, giving you the feel of weightlessness. 

Zero gravity occurs when the torso is properly angled with the thighs and lower legs positioned above the heart. In this position, the amount of pressure exerted onto the spine is greatly reduced. When the spine is positioned at zero gravity, full body muscle tension is relieved and circulation is improved. It is a completely stress-free position